Specialist Suppliers of Sterling Silver Jewellery & Crystal Products

Select your crystals and jewellery from the comfort of your home, we will provide you with a quick, reliable and professional service.

All items are boxed and gift wrapped individually.

We have a large selection of different crystals, and often have the rare and unusual crystals that cannot be easily found in the High St.

All our crystals and fossils are A grade, and sourced from all over the world from reputable importers.


Some of the crystals we stock are:-


Amber, Amethyst, AmazoniteAquamarine, Aragonite SputnikBlack ObsidianBlack OnyxBloodstoneBlue GoldstoneBlue Lace Agate, Blue TopazCarnelianChalcedonyChrysocollaChrysopraseCitrineClear QuartzDalmation JasperDumortierite, Fluorite, GarnetHematite, IoliteLabradoriteMangano CalciteMoonstoneMoss AgatePeridotRed JasperRhodoniteRhodochrosite, Rose QuartzRutilated QuartzSmokey Quartz, Snowflake ObsidianSunstoneTigers eyeTourmanilated QuartzTurquoise, White HowliteYellow Jasper.